Our vision: an optical interposer

The High Performance Computing (HPC) and ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI) era requires unprecedented computing capabilities. With this in view, industry is heading towards zettascale supercomputers, based on >100k processing units. Chiplets-based disaggregated processors and memory-centric computing architectures are taking over and require an ever more intensive communication between dies. Thus, today interconnect bottleneck is the main problem: the physical nature of copper wires does not allow the scalability of processing architectures to meet computing demand.

At NcodiN, we enable ultra-fast and energy efficient die-to-die interconnects using light as the vehicle of information. We develop an optical interposer based on a proprietary and revolutionary technology, unblocking the full scalability of multi-chiplets based HPC processors.


Our technology will enable Zettascale supercomputers (1021 calculations/s) that will solve problems that are now unthinkable or even impossible to tackle, such as Climate modelling, Autonomous driving, Medical treatments or Smart cities.


Unleash the power of light with NcodiN